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Exploring Emotions: A Journey of Self Awareness

In our quest for building Self Awareness, we've been diving into the fascinating world of emotions throughout this month's Habits of Success sessions. We began by delving into the importance of mindfulness, understanding how it plays a vital role in our personal journeys. Our focus then shifted to creating a beautiful 'Me Tree,' where we reflected upon the unique qualities that define us and the supportive communities that surround us. Following these foundational activities, we then embarked on a powerful self-reflection exercise called 'My Cup of Feelings', where we explored our daily emotions and coping skills.

Building upon that introspective journey, our last session took us even deeper as we ventured into the realm of emotions using Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions. It was an incredible continuation of our exploration, unlocking new insights and understanding. It was a truly eye-opening experience for everyone involved!

We started off with a round of Emotion Charades, where kids acted out various emotions while the rest of the us guessed them. This activity highlighted how emotions can be expressed without uttering a single word. Laughter, joy, and surprise filled the room as we embraced the power of non-verbal communication.

Further, we explored the Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions and learnt about it's purpose in fostering self-awareness. Using the wheel as a guide, the kids then created their own personalised emotions wheels! It was incredible to see them engage in this creative process and understand how different emotions are interconnected. The aim was to equip them with a valuable tool for identifying and managing their emotions in a productive way. After completing their emotion wheels, we had a quick discussion where kids shared some reflections on identifying the ones they frequently or intensely felt. We looked for patterns and connections among their listed emotions, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and each other.

To continue our exploration, we assigned a journaling exercise as homework. Kids were asked to reflect on a recent emotional experience, delving into the event, their feelings, and the impact it had on their behaviour and relationships. We will collectively share and discuss these journals in our next session, fostering deeper connections and growth.

Overall, this session was truly humbling and eye-opening for both the facilitator (myself) and the kids. Witnessing their courage in acknowledging and embracing emotions like jealousy and hostility was a testament to their growth and willingness to grow emotionally. Creating a safe and non-judgmental space allowed for empathy and understanding to flourish among us.

Let's continue this journey of self awareness and emotional growth together. Stay tuned for more incredible adventures in the world of emotions! 🌟

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