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Climate Tales

A Collection of Books on Climate Change
by our Young Authors

Welcome to our collection of insightful books on Climate Change authored by our children at Sunnyside as a part of our Environmental Sciences Program, an immersive & hands on program based on Experiential & Project based learning.


As a part of this learning journey, children authored the books under the Earth Authors Program - facilitated by YouCan and the Cogitation Club. These books serve as powerful tools crafted by our young authors, aimed at raising awareness about the pressing issue of climate change. Through their unique perspectives and compelling narratives, our kids delve into this crucial topic, offering fresh insights and inspiring action towards a more sustainable future. Explore their impactful narratives and insights on climate change through our collection of online zines below. 


The Hidden Ones.png

A walk along the sea. A world unexplored. A world unseen. Knowledge unheard. Knowledge unknown. ‘The Hidden Ones’ is more than a story; it's a call to value the unheard voices and recognise the keys they hold in the battle against climate change.

Tears As Rain_edited.jpg

Tears as Rain

The marginalized were the target this time, but who is it going to be the next time?

Beneath the Burning layer_Ashfaque_Cover page.png

Beneath the Burning Layer

When someone breaks into your house, you would call them theif. But when this old woman finds herself in the same situation, she invites the intruder for a cup of tea.... 

Vaan’s Revenge! Written & Illustrated By AbdurRahman İbrahim.png

Vaan's Revenge

An unlikely storyteller Vaan, tells the tale of humanity's impact on the environment.


Together We Stand

People in slum areas are being shifted out of their homes by the government because they are in illegal land. The police are at their doorstep threatening to destroy their houses if they don’t evacuate soon. The government is offering compensation land in a place called Perumbakkam. Should the people leave or not? Can they stop what is happening? How are the houses in Perumbakkam? Read on to find out.

A Leafy Disaster By Hamdaan.png

A Leafy Disaster

“What did Thata say? Where's Paati? Questions upon question, I have no answer for any. What do I do?”

Neemy has lived an ordinary life, as ordinary for a neem tree. But he hears something about a cyclone, and he has no clue what it means. Heavy rains begin, and all he can see are leaves, fallen bikes and sticks. All he hears is the sound of rain, and maybe something else…

Ghar Naiso cover page proof.png

The last bubble of air in Kabeer's lungs escaped into the grey water, as he watched the boy disappear underwater. Was it the wrong decision to go after someone he didn’t even know? Will he be able to save the boy? More importantly, will Kabeer survive?

Electric Shock (1).png

Electric Shock

I am an MTC bus whizzing down the ECR in Chennai… Old, rattly, and worn down, I hear the news that E-vehicles are taking over. Are they the perfect solution for climate change? Or do they also have their share of downsides? What do you think, my dear reader? Will you hear my side of the story? Will you flip the page. . .or retreat?

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Boom! Blam! The air itself shook. The ammonium nitrate along with other explosive fertilisers inside exploded. A glowing orangish-black mushroom plume blew through the open roof of the storeroom, towering over the entire village. A deafening explosion shattered the silence of the midnight air. Toxic, black fumes encircled the landscape as if it were a Malaippāmpu strangling people to death. A fertiliser once used to aid agriculture has now turned into a bomb.

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Cricket Dreams

John, Karthik, Amanat & Rahul are 13 year-olds who are finally playing cricket matches in the league they’ve always wanted to.  And they are winning the matches.  Despite facing terrible odds… on the field and at home!

Will they be able to win the finals? 

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The Uprising Tide

Terror-struck, paralyzed, I thought, "Why is this happening to me?” I had the sudden urge to jump off the roof, but I was held by others with me. "Save me!" my wife screamed.

A dangerous storm threatens Adarsh and his tribe of fishermen. They manage to survive, but they now have to deal with a more significant threat to their way of life and livelihood. Can he solve their problem?

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The Unwitting Robbery

10 year old Devi and her mom is struggling to meet the end of the day with food. They find a job. But floods interrupt  and they are forced to take a holiday often. Will they get their full pay or continue to struggle in the most unbearable way.

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