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Discover a realm of youthful creativity and impact. Our kids have delved into diverse projects – from vibrant art & insightful articles to collaborative community initiatives, Every project unveils a distinctive tale of creativity, learning, and commitment, showcasing the limitless potential and impact of what young minds can achieve, transcending conventional expectations of childhood learning.



Fridays for Flying

As a part of our Community Projects, Fridays for Flying is a captivating series of articles penned by our talented young minds in collaboration with CommuniTREE to raise awareness about the endangered birds of India.

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Mondays for Memes

In this project, Musa, a passionate environmental advocate, partners with CommuniTree to share weekly memes driving awareness on various environmental issues.

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Climate Tales: A collection of books on Climate Change

The Climate Awareness & Action Module of our Environmental Sciences Program at Sunnyside is designed to empower children with knowledge about climate change while emphasizing the importance of local context. As a part of this learning journey, our children authored books on Climate Change under the Earth Authors Program, facilitated by YouCan and the Cogitation Club.These books aim at raising awareness about the pressing issue of climate change.


Visual Arts

Take a peek into our Visual Arts Project, where kids have learned shading, lights, shadows, pencil sketching, watercoloring, and more over several months. Their amazing artwork decorates our projects and school art display. Each drawing is a story, filled with their creativity and passion. 

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Tamil through Performing Arts 

Our kids engage in vibrant projects exploring Tamil through performing arts. From lively plays to charming puppet shows, they learn the language in a fun, cultural context. They've performed at local schools, bringing Tamil's richness to life while honing language skills through creativity



Dive into the pages brimming with stories, achievements, and shared experiences, offering an exclusive glimpse into the dynamic world of Sunnyside as witnessed and celebrated by our kids at Sunnyside.

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Voice of Earth

Within our Environmental Sciences Program at Sunnyside, our kids undertook the 'Voice of Earth' project, diving into waste management in Kottivakkam. Exploring the repercussions of improper waste disposal, they meticulously collected neighborhood data, crafting a compelling narrative on their learning and the necessary actions. Guided by the Geo Inquiry Process and under the mentorship of Aishwarya Soni, this initiative empowered our young minds to advocate for meaningful change in their community's environmental landscape. 


Sparrow Sanctuary: An Advocacy Project

As part of our Community Projects, our kids collaborated with CommuniTREE to address the dwindling sparrow population. In an initiative aimed at raising awareness, they rallied the community to assist in distributing Sparrow Homes in the Kuppam neighborhood. Mentored by Hafiz Khan, this ongoing project continues to make strides in fostering a sparrow-friendly habitat while advocating for the conservation of these cherished avian species.

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