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Exploring Earth Sciences with Our Young Explorers: A Journey of Curiosity and Empathy

Facilitating 'Earth Sciences' for our young explorers has been an incredible journey over the past few weeks. We embarked on a nature walk in our neighborhood, gathering rocks and stones of various sizes and textures. Their boundless curiosity led them to get their hands dirty as they delved into the mysteries of the Earth. Upon returning from our adventure, we diligently washed the mud off both the stones and our hands. Equipped with their investigative spirit, the children closely examined the rocks using hand lenses.

After this, we delved deeper into the subject. A handmade colorful hanging card served as an excellent visual aid, allowing the children not only to observe but also to uncover the Earth's layers by flipping through pop-up layers. Their joy was palpable as they created a 3D model of Earth's layers and presented it through a puppet show. As educators, we couldn't have been prouder, not only because their performance was brimming with cuteness, but also because their voices resonated with empathy for our planet.

The exploration of different types of rocks and the rock cycle piqued their curiosity. They sought assistance in comprehending the various rock types and their cycles, but the young explorers maintained their enthusiasm throughout the learning journey. To make learning engaging, they engaged in a dice game using pebbles to represent rocks undergoing different stages of the rock cycle. Subsequently, they had the opportunity to touch and feel various rock specimens from our learning materials collection. Through sorting games and card games, the learners classified these specimens. Their exploration of 'Earth Science' continues across various topics.

At Sunnyside, we educators are dedicated to crafting enriching learning journeys, with our primary goal being to nurture and sustain their inherent curiosity. In summary, we thoroughly enjoy exploring Earth Sciences together.


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