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Meeting Mr. Erik Solheim at The Forest Trail, an Urban Forest

"Yes, I know climate change is real. But I am a single individual, what can I do". This is a common despair most of us have and children are no exception. The scale of environmental damage happening and the forces behind it makes us feel hopeless.

Today kids visited an urban forest setup by @communitreeindia in collaboration with Greater Chennai Corporation and interacted with Mr. Erik Solheim, former executive director of the U.N. Environment Programme & Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations. It was a meeting of hope. While he highlighted three environmental challenges humanity is facing, Mr.Erik presented some of the progress India and the World is making. Kids presented the books they had authored on nature conservation and shared their thoughts. It's an understatement to say he was thrilled by the sheer diversity of topics, quality of writing and illustrations. Both Mr.Erik and kids were visibly more optimistic after the interaction.

You need to visit 'The Forest Trail' near Indira Nagar Railway Station, Adayar to appreciate that indeed we can be optimistic. @hafizkhan & @CommuniTREE have transformed more than a kilometre long stretch of dump yard into thriving Urban Forest. It sure gave us a dose of medicine to cure our feeling of despair. Thank you so much @hafizrkhan for inviting us today and enabling this interaction with Mr.Erik.

Finally, the seeds sown by Cogitation Club (@cogitation_club), Ramnath (@ramnathchandrasekhar) & YouCAN (@youcanedu ) are getting nurtured at Sunnyside. Trust the fruits would be enjoyed by people all around the world, God Willing.

P.S. The books were authored by children under Earth Authors program that was jointly facilitated by @cogitation_club and @youcanedu

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