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Embracing Diversity: Sunnyside's Year of Enriching Encounters

At Sunnyside, we believe in creating opportunities for our children to engage with inspiring individuals from various walks of life. Over the past year, we have been fortunate to welcome an incredible array of visitors from around the world. Our school has become a vibrant melting pot of cultures, stories, and experiences. These extraordinary individuals have graced our halls, enriching our children's minds and broadening their horizons. Let's take a moment to celebrate this vibrant tapestry of experiences that has been a wonderful journey of cultural exchange and exploration.

🎭We were captivated by performance artists from Sri Lanka, who vividly shared their experiences of life during the civil war. They shed light on Sri Lankan schools, the significance of performance arts, and even performed a captivating piece on graphite mining. Their street artist, who delighted the kids with a mime performance, inspired budding artists among them.

🚀 Harish and his friend from the Infinite Engineers, shared their unique life journeys with our children. They candidly expressed how their own educational experiences often felt disconnected from their chosen paths in life. In a truly collaborative spirit, they invited our children to share their thoughts on what an ideal school should look like. This inspiring exchange of ideas empowered our children to envision an educational environment that celebrates their uniqueness and fosters holistic growth.

🎉We had the pleasure of hosting Gregor from Austria, who joined our visual arts session, shared captivating stories from his homeland and engaged the children in thrilling team games. His energy and creativity were truly infectious!

🏰Anton, an ex-military engineer from Russia, mesmerised us with tales of his architectural restoration work. He delved into the depths of Russian architecture and shared stories from his military past. It was an insightful journey through his experiences. He spoke passionately about the restoration work he undertakes back in Russia.

☕Sanket, the passionate barista from Mumbai, enchanted us with his love for coffee. He demonstrated brewing techniques and treated us to a delightful coffee tasting session. The aroma and flavors were simply mesmerizing!

🦚Our multicultural extravaganza continued with Marc from Spain and his friends from Vietnam and Brazil. They regaled us with enchanting stories about their hometowns. Marc's charming imitation of the peacocks from his farm brought smiles to our faces.

💪Soroosh, a young entrepreneur from Iran, inspired us with his journey of hard work and determination. From working since the age of 13 to building a successful business, he shared insights into his family, Iranian culture, and life in his homeland. His resilience was truly inspiring!

🇸🇪 Joshua, a child psychologist visiting from Sweden, embarked on a personal journey to explore his father's roots in Tamil Nadu. He introduced us to a Swedish book written by his aunt, which served as his guide during his travels. Together, they explored the pages, utilizing technology to translate and unravel the stories. Joshua's discussions on emotions and self-awareness left a lasting impact on our young learners.

📚 Vikram, one with a knack for comedic storytelling had our children in fits of laughter. His tales unfolded with witty punchlines, creating a riotous atmosphere that filled Sunnyside. Through his humour, Vikram not only entertained but also taught our children the art of storytelling, capturing their imaginations with every uproarious twist and turn.

💂The NCC cadets from SIVET College had dedicatedly joined forces with our children in a remarkable initiative to distribute sparrow homes in the community. Following this, the cadets shared stories of their rigorous training, emphasising on the values of practice, discipline, teamwork, and time management.

🇯🇵 Kesuke, a college student hailing from Japan, enlightened our students about waste management practices in his home country. He also brought the art of Japanese calligraphy to our classrooms. The children were thrilled to try their hand at writing words under Kesuke's patient guidance, immersing themselves in the beauty of this ancient art form. He also engaged our kids in thrilling football matches. As an avid football fan himself, Kesuke's presence sparked joy among our students.

📸 Ben, the Astro Photographer: The world through the lens of Ben's camera enchanted us all. He regaled our children with tales of his journey as an astro photographer, collaborating with renowned brands and creating mesmerising stop-motion promo videos. Our budding photographers even influenced his subjects, capturing everything from a sleepy cat to the slow-motion burst of balloons.

🧠 Psychology Students from SIET College: Understanding the psychology of communication became an interactive experience as students from SIET College joined us. They skilfully demonstrated the art of giving feedback and compliments, equipping our children with invaluable interpersonal skills.

At Sunnyside, we believe that these invaluable interactions will shape our children into compassionate, open-minded citizens of the world. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our incredible visitors who have graced us with their presence, sharing their remarkable stories of culture, food, people, and politics. We are grateful for the diverse perspectives and rich experiences our visitors have shared, fostering a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and understanding. We are deeply thankful for Hafiz Khan of CommuniTREE, whose efforts and dedication have made these enriching encounters possible. Together, we have built bridges of understanding and fostered a global community right within our walls. As we bid farewell to our past visitors, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of new friends and the magic they will bring. Sunnyside is truly a place where the world comes alive, and we cannot wait to continue this incredible journey of discovery.


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